The Civic Design Bibliography

Research useful for civic and elections design is scattered into many different disciplines, from political science to computer science to work on design, reading, and accessibility.

The Civic Design Bibliography brings this work together in a collection of material the most relevant research from all these fields with detailed abstracts for each article.

Open the bibliography 


Each entry in the bibliography includes:

  • A list of the key points that make the article useful for civic design.
  • A summary of the main points in the paper
  • Any useful details, such as a list of guidelines or concepts
  • Tags to identify the date, type of publication and research
  • Searchable keywords for topics and concepts

We welcome suggestions for additional research to include, especially papers on usability and accessibility studies.


 The Civic Design Bibliography started as part of two projects at the Accessible Voting Technology Initiative, the Anywhere Ballot bibliography and the Voting for Veterans with Disabilities project.  It was updated by the Center for Civic Design with students from University of Baltimore, and is now maintained by the Center.